Thursday, 5 February 2009

Struggling with español

So I've been attempting to learn spanish now off and on for almost two years and tried various methods

BBC spanish was fairly enjoyable and I think I learned something but after the easy bit it changed quickly to being too difficult

The most success I seemed to have is with the Michel Thomas language tapes mainly because it involves no writing or remembering. I seem to have learned a lot about the structure and tenses but am a bit lacking on the vocabulary and actually speaking and listening lol which doesnt help in conversations.

Recently I obtained a copy of rosetta stone after much trial and error on the pirate high seas and I have to say Im not overjoyed by the method.I mean I can click away at pictures and get the questions right but I dont actually remember anything later.

I would be interested to hear about other peoples methods and results

here are some not so useful phrases
Me burro esta muerto
- My donkey is dead

No me gustan los caballos
- I don't like horses.

¿Donde puedo comprar un bigote falso para mi perro?
- Where can I buy a large brown fake Moustache for my dog?

Soy Zod, el master de la destruccion. Mi mision es gobernar tu debil pais y esclavizar a sus piltrafillas por toda la eternidad. MMMWwwwhhhaaaa Hhhaa hhaaa haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Hello I'm pleased to meet you

A mi llama se le ha caido una pata y querria comprar una rueda de repuesto, por favor.
- The leg has fallen off of my Llama and so I'd like to buy some sort of replacement wheel please.

Con este bigote, yo te desposo.
- With this fake Moustache, I thee wed.........

!Acerquense y vean! Una oportunidad de ver a un perro con un cuchillo zumbando a un caballo con una pistola.
- Rol up, Roll up. A once in a lifetime oppertunity to see a dog with a knife fight a horse with a gun.

Una vez construi un ordenador de arena utilizando ramitas y trozos de cuerda.
I once built a computer out of sand using twigs and large pieces of rope.

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