Friday, 23 January 2009

How to watch bbc iplayer and itv catchup abroad

After a lot of trials and errors I can now watch bbc and itv from my home in the Dominican Republic - it seems the way to do it is to first download the browser firefox and keep this solely for the this you need to download a firefox add on called foxy proxy....then the fun starts of trying to find a uk based proxy number that works (I think I was lucky with my third attempt - contact me if you want to try the same one)

Unfortunately you cant use the bbc downloader option as it recognises that you are abroad so you have to watch it on your computer - the speed seems ok most of the time if you are not doing any other downloading

The only way to record anything seems to be with download capture devices , which dont give very good quality play back

Another unfortunate thing is that now I cracked the holey grail I found the programs were not as good as I remembered them lol .....perhaps wanting something is better than actually getting it

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