Tuesday, 10 February 2009

While Australia Burns

Here in the Dominican Republic we have had rain almost every day for over a month and exceedingly heavy rain for the last two weeks

Fortunately I live on a hill, but a lot of Domincans in the lower lying areas have had their homes flooded with loss of life near the rivers.

The rains seem to be never ending at the moment, although we have been told better weather is on the way by Thursday (fingers crossed)

If you are coming to the Dominican Republic on holiday please try to pack a few little extras which can be donated to various places .......things such as childrens clothes, shoes school equipment and such like is appreciated anytime, but especially now. You can find out where to donate these things by going to http://dr1.com/forums and asking where there is a local collecting areas


rosie said...
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Jason said...

Floods can be soo awful, I remember my holiday visit a couple of years ago with great fondness. It is a wonderful country.