Saturday, 7 February 2009

Chlorine No More ?

My poor swimming pool is looking a bit sad these days. Here in the Domincan Republic it seems we have been having problems getting regular supplies of the chlorine tablets that most people use for their pools. Indeed some of the chemicals from China appear not to have been made from chlorine at all- I suspect they may have been made of washing powder lol
Im dreaming of a nice clean pool to swim in and have been looking into the possibility of using salt....apparently its the next big thing and is better for skin and hair than chlorine
The salt is given an electrical charge to release chlorine and thats basically all the chemicals you need

Here is a link to a company that makes swimming pool salt chlorinators

I have been told its just an add on device to your normal equipment- so you can revert back to the clhorine method if you choose to - sounds brilliant- hmmm let me know if there is a problem with this idea
Guide to cleaning your swimming pool

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