Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Did Benjamin Press Your Button ?

Well I just finished watching this "rather too long" film and was wondering what others thought about all the fuss about it .I mean we got the gist of it in the first half hour ie person born old /gets younger then we wait for a long time to see what happens at the end .

The special affects at the beginning were well done and the film was in general a well made film, but somehow I just wanted to giving the leading lady a good slap.

There was a large period where Brad didnt seem to get any younger then suddenly he was a child again then the film ended and we didnt really connect with any character or learn anything - overall I would probably have enjoyed it more if it hadnt been hyped as a better film than it actually was

Dont even get me started on "revolutionary road" lol

Anyway to keep this thread Domincan Republic related here are some films about the Dominican Republic that I enjoyed despite their obvious faults (IE time of the butterflys being remarkable in the fact there didnt seem to be any Dominicans in it lol)

In the time of the butterflys

The feast of the goat


Cambio/Change Up

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Petula said...

I'd still like to see it and judge for myself, but now that you said that I may just wait and watch it on DVD.